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This Saturday, September 9th, 9am to 3pm

And Sunday, September 10th, 10am to 2pm

165 Eagle Road, Wayne, PA

When you're on Lancaster Avenue, turn north on Eagle -- that would be a right if you're coming from the City, and if you have passed the center of Wayne. The Lancaster Farmers Market would be on your right.


Now, ten car lengths up Eagle Road on your left is the entrance. You can only WALK through the wooden gates. The other entrance to the property is now closed off. 


Everything on the entire property will be for sale. If it's attached, please have a paid receipt before you start removal. 


Don't miss everything in the big white garage including the big garage door and the thru-the-wall complete air conditioning system. Plus lots of interesting small items.


There are lots of interesting small items in the Stone House.


You can do all your Christmas shopping in those two buildings.


Lots of interesting chandeliers, light fixtures, and unusual sconces. Complete beautiful paneled room with built-in cabinets, closets, shelving, refrigerator. Nice chairs, 2 different Sherle Wagner sinks, some window treatments, bathroom fixtures, Toto toilet, two different kinds of hard-to-find pocket doors, french doors, louvered doors, windows, shutters (indoor and outdoor), terrific elevator to three floors, three different kitchens priced to sell -- as is everything! Some fencing. Flagstone patio. Toy metal cars. Collector's signs. Ceiling fans. Oak staircase. Weathervane. Mantels. Hot water heaters. Quilts. Door knockers. 

Bring your tools, measurements, and friends, but no children please to a demolition sale.



As we mentioned last sale, in a short while, the Blue Route, from the Expressway North to I-95 is going to be resurfaced. The contractor will be generating 100,000 tons of cinders. He is looking to sell them cheaply. They cannot handle small loads. Interested? 610-389-4994.



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