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Things You Might Like to Know about One of the East Coast's Major Recycling Efforts...


  • All sales start at exactly 9:00am. Not before, and not after.

  • Everyone is invited.

  • No children under 13 are allowed on the property. Our Insurance Coverage excludes ages 13 and under. But then, you probably already assumed this since it is a demolition site.

  • We never give the exact location of the sale in our advertising.  Why?  We've experienced theft before sales began, by some who knew the address of the property and assumed the property was empty, and were short on ethics and morals.  We no longer have THAT problem.  In the advertising, we clearly list a nearby intersection.  The morning of the sale, we put up directional signs (about 15 minutes before the start of the sale) at that stated intersection, pointing you right to the sale.

  • Before entering, EACH person signs a liability release and then receives THEIR number.

  • When the doors open at 9AM, the person assigned "#1" goes in first (i.e. the first person to have signed the release that morning).  Usually, everybody gets in immediately. 

  • EVERYTHING has the price and a number right there next to it (that is OUR number for inventory control).  If you want to buy an item, you simply write "SOLD" next to what it is you want to buy, along with YOUR number.  You now own it.

  • When you finish picking out (and marking) what you want to buy, simply come back to the front door area, pay for it, get a receipt and you are free to remove it.

  • NOTHING may be removed unless you have a paid receipt.

  • Look things over and decide if it will work for you, BEFORE marking it "SOLD".  Everything is sold as is/where is.  But then, you already knew that. 

  • We take cash or checks (with good ID).  No credit cards, but we are working on that. 

  • Bring your friends, tools, flashlights, and measurements.  AFTER it is paid for, you have choices regarding removal.  You can do it yourself.  You can bring in your own help, or you can talk directly to one of our guys for a price for removal (on his own time), and maybe even the delivery.  That agreement is between the two of you, and has absolutely nothing to do with us.  

  • If it is something easy to remove or maybe you need help to carry something out to your vehicle, and you find one of our guys who has the time, they will be happy to help.  When finished, you might think of rewarding him in some small way.

  • If asked, we try to give you suggestions or tips regarding removal.  We have been doing this for 28 years and have picked up numerous good suggestions from other customers.  After all, we do want you to have a pleasant experience, save a lot of money, participate in recycling, come back again, and maybe tell a friend!


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