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Massive Sale in Radnor Township, PA.

A giant estate in Radnor Township. About 8 different buildings.  Two spectacular homes, a pool house bigger than most of our homes, 2 giant garage buildings with numerous quality apartments for the employees. 5 large commercial green houses in excellent condition.  This sale is so big that we can only handle parts of it at a time. Eventually, we will have 7 full kitchens to sell, from nice to spectacular. One of the kitchens was heavily featured in a prominent magazine. We will give the magazine to the new owner. A quality elevator, beautiful bathrooms (one has a toilet seat that cost 1,700, we have the receipt). Two different pairs of driveway gates, miles of flagstone, garden statues and urns. Fabulous shrubs and plantings.


We are working to convey to you that everything about this sale is first class. Within the next month or so it will all be gone. Please understand that we will ONLY be discussing that which we will be advertising for sale at the present time.


For starters:

  1. The spectacular kitchen. $17,500. Probably a $65,000 kitchen if new, and this one looks new. You will agree. "Rutt" cabinets, Subzero refrigerator/freezer PLUS Subzero refrigeration drawers, 2 "Wolf" ovens that look like they are brand new. We could go on and on, the pictures below tell the true story.

  2. A very impressive, COMPLETE, rich paneled room. $5,000.  Again, the pictures below tell it all.

  3. The 5 large, commercial quality, first class greenhouses. Not glass, but polycarbonate construction, and all in very good condition.  $20 to $25,000. each. Pictures also below.


The only fair way to show these items is "first come". Call 610-389-4994. Please, please don't make an appointment to see something when you really want to get in to see something else. That won't happen.


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