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Pre-Demolition Sale and Lots of Contents Sale

Mask Mandatory!


This Saturday, October 16th, 9am to 4pm and

This Sunday, October 17th, 10am to 3pm

in Media, PA!

Lots of pictures below!


Look for our signs, that normally go up about 15 minutes before the sale is to begin, on East 6th Street at North Olive Street in Media, PA. In the area of the Court House.


This home was built by the Dad, about 45 years ago, lived in by his family until recently, and now it's coming down, with a new subdivision planned. Dad is deceased, the kids are now adults, Mom is moving to a much smaller residence. She has asked us to liquidate everything that she can't take with her (and that is a lot) while we are also handling the demolition sale.


Loose, irregular flagstone front walk. Nice, hard to find at this size, larger boxwood bushes. Some large rhododendrons, etc. All kinds of various lumber pieces, located in various locations on the property, large, small, rough, finished, etc. Too much for us to tag, hence EACH and every piece is $5.00. With the price of lumber today, we hope to sell it all. All kinds of exterior and interior solid wood doors. Hardwood flooring. Knotty pine wall paneling. 3 1/2 older baths. Midsize kitchen, cabinets by "Quaker Made". $2,500 for the entire kitchen. Some antiques: tall roll-top secretary desk, chests of drawers, beautiful tall pine old grandfather clock, light fixtures, carpets, etc. Massive amount of books. Small collections of older fishing reels and rods, marbles, seashells, old bottles, salt and pepper shakers. Tools. Everywhere. Power tools, hand tools, old tools, antique tools, garden tools, garage tools, a beautiful surveyor's transit, complete. Was grandpop's.


Much, much more. The pictures should vouch for that. We hope it all finds good homes by Sunday afternoon. Wear old clothes if you plan a venture to the VERY crowded basement.


Note: This is not a huge home, so we may have to restrict guests entering every once in a while. Know that WE would very much like to have you inside, rather than standing outside, so we will work to not have that happen.


Bring your friends, tools, and measurements, but no children please to a demolition sale. Thanks.


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