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Lansdowne Ave at Garrett Road in Drexel Hill, PA

Next to Monsignor Bonner High School


The property has been sold to Delaware County Community College. The front of the building will be retained but gutted. Everything else is coming down. In keeping with the College's desire to recycle everything possible, they have requested the Pre-Demolition Sale folks to assist them in this endeavor.

Sale to be held this Saturday, August 13th, 9am to 4pm, and Sunday, August 14th, 10am to 2pm. NO CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED. CASH PREFERRED. CHECKS WITH GOOD ID. 


The building started out in 1907 as an Orphanage. Exterior doors and windows will be for sale at a time closer to demolition. Gym and convent sale later.

Things for sale now: All kinds of interior doors ($75 each which includes the jamb, trim on both sides, all hinges, and the door knob), and transom windows (windows between classrooms and hallways). Miles of 2' x 4' suspended ceiling ($1 each). Drop-in ceiling fluorescent lights ($10 which includes the bulbs). All kinds of wood flooring. Church pews - we recognize that no one can use big church pews, so we brought in Union Carpenters who cut down and refinished the just 14 pews that were still there, to a 2-3 person size ($425 each). We were told that the more than 100 year old pews are probably chestnut wood. Also, now available are all the wood parts of the pews. A large, beautiful cabinet in the church sacristy, used to hold the priest vestments ($950). White marble water font ($500). Pile of used bricks. Much wood mouldings, chair rail, trim, etc. Very unusual - all the stairway balusters are iron not wood. Probably 1,000 of them ($5 each). Pull down and lock security screens ($300). Bookcases. Trophy/award cabinets. Claw foot tubs ($150). Old subway tiles, bathroom partitions. Fire extinguishers. Emergency shower units in labs, lockers, stanchions, curtains, shades, small chandeliers, folding chairs, fiberglass "shell" chairs (mid-century??). "Msgr Bonner" gym hanging wall pads. How did they get over here?! Three racing shells.

Auditorium - we have removed many of the seats and rebuilt them to be sold separately ($85). Minor caution - if you lean back too far they could tilt. Locate them against a wall or screw to the floor and it won't happen. Complete rows of seats are still available. Stage lights. Stage curtains. Roll-around elevated platforms.

Kitchen - there is a small, stand-alone all stainless steel kitchen. $1,000. Maybe faculty kitchen? Then, for the main kitchen: "Blodgett" 2 door pizza oven - $1,000. Stove, "South Bend" - $1,500. Ice maker $900. Giant stainless steel hood $4,500. Roof exhaust fans. 2 walk-in "Penn" units. 2 fryers (Pitco & Star). 2 runs of stainless steel drain boards with deep sinks. 2 grease traps. Long run of stainless steel food service counters.

Large "Archbishop Prendergast" sign at the gym doors. Huge slate steps at the back door, heading to the gym. Lots of cleaning fluids, brooms, mops, etc.


Bring your friends, tools, measurements, and maybe a flashlight and marker pen, but no children please to a demolition sale. Thanks!


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