We represent a contractor who is building the biggest, most magnificent new home on Philadelphia's Main Line. They have been building it over the past number of years. Now that the project is close to completion, and after all kinds of changes, the family is ready to move in. 


A fortune in brand new limestone, granite, etc. (see all the pictures below) will be for sale.  A guesstimate of what all the remaining crates and pieces cost new is about $75,000.  All for sale now for $20,000.

There is, still on site, a telescoping forklift which can assist with loading.

If you have serious interest, best to come out and see it all. Located in Villanova. Contact Kevin with serious interest - 610-389-4994.


Located in the Suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, and serving the PA, NJ, NY, DE, and MD areas. 



Saturday from 9AM - 3PM &
Sunday from 10AM - 2PM

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